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I am a graphic designer based
in Cph, currently working on freelance projects.

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Hva'så Skat
– visual identity

The taxsystem in Denmark can be cryptic. "Hvadså SKAT" gives lectures to students in highschool, teaching them how to navigate in the Danish taxsystem. "Hva'så Skat" can both be translated to "whats up HONEY" and "whats up TAX". Using questionmarks and exclamation points the logo becomes a typographic remake of the CROWN (the logo of the Danish taxsystem's). 


Angry Baboon
– product design

Design for a limited edition beer brewed by Århus bryghus. 


- typeface

A modern sans serif with a romantic twist.


John Coltrane article
– editorial design

Jazz (especially experimental Jazz) can sometimes seem like a cluster of notes with loose structure -  however this is rarely the case. This ambiguity is what the design of this article was based on. We designed a typeface for the article which was created by reversing the natural width of the glyphs. Thus an alternative rhythm emerges.


– typeface

A sans serif, inspired by the stroke that naturally comes from handwriting (as seen in the glyphs: n, u, b, d, p, q and the alternative a, g and y's). Though the inspiration comes from humanoid features, it has been the goal to dehumanise it - therefore it is made with geomtrics and modular fonts in mind.